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UPDATE - I am working on a new Doom Mod, Based on StarFox Assault, for more info, click here
I also make minecraft skins now and then... Wink

NOTE: Zombie Invasion has been cancelled - Reason: Game Maker 8 pro is glitching up, thus, making it impossible to even test it, or make a stand-alone executable of the game! D:


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 How to play Doom 1 or Doom 2 with / without mods for free (Legitimately)

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PostSubject: How to play Doom 1 or Doom 2 with / without mods for free (Legitimately)   Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:28 am

If you don't own Doom 1 or Doom 2, but want to play one of my Doom mods (or other people's) and want a free and easy way to do so, follow these steps.
STEP 1: Choose a source port.
A source port is a modified version of the Doom engine, which adds and supports features which the old (original) engine didn't support, obviously, one of these are needed:
My recommendations:

  • If you want an engine which can handle the most mods, but you don't mind about using software graphics, use ZDoom.

  • If you want a modern engine which supports most of ZDoom's features, supports OpenGL, plus includes an easy to join multiplayer, use Zandronum(Originally called Skulltag).

  • If you want something like ZDoom, supports most, if not all the same features, and supports OpenGL, use GZDoom.

NOTE: If you want to play most of my mods, I'd recommend Zandronum, since that's the one I use to test my mods out (The ones for Zandronum) and most of them will be for Zandronum. You might still be able to play Zandronum mods on GZDoom / ZDoom, but it may be buggy (I remember trying out my StarFox Assault mod on it, and the guns were attacking weirdly)
STEP 2: Installing the Source Port.

  • If the download came with an installer, follow the steps on the setup, and choose where you want it installed.

  • If the download came in a ZIP, extract it to somewhere you can easily get to, in a new folder of it's own. (You don't want all the data files, registry and executables to mix in with your other stuff)

STEP 3: Getting the "IWAD" file.
An IWAD is an Internal Wad, a wad file is a data file that the engine reads, an IWAD is the "Base" of the game, it contains sounds, midi files, everything the game reads.

  • To be able to do this for free AND legit, there is a free IWAD made by a fan community called "Free Doom", and it's exactly that - a free version of Doom; what they've done is got the the original IWAD, and tweaked it so that everything inside the data file is their original content.

  • Open the ZIP Folder, keep going through the folders inside, look for either doom2.wad (if you've downloaded the doom 2 file) or doom.wad (if you've downloaded the ultimate doom).

STEP 4: Preparing the Engine for use.
These steps are needed to setup the engine.

  • Go back to the folder you installed the engine(ZDoom, etc) in.

  • Remember that IWAD you downloaded? Go back to it, and cut it (CTRL+X, or right click then cut)

  • Go back to the engine's folder, then paste the .wad file.

  • The engine's ready!

STEP 5: Setting up your preferences.
These steps will help you setup your controls, display, etc. (The steps are more or less the same in GZDoom/ZDoom and Zandronum).

You can skip these parts, but I recommend following at least the Controls and Mouse options.

To change the renderer from software to OpenGL or to switch to windowed mode, start the game up, press ESC to bring up the menu, go on options > set video mode. NOTE: Not all computers / graphic cards can support OpenGL.
To change the controls, goto Customize Controls in options, my recommended controls:
Primary Attack: Left Click / Mouse 1
Secondary Attack: Right Click / Mouse 2
Next Weapon: Mouse Wheel Up
Prev Weapon: Mouse Wheel Down
Move Forward: W
Move Backward: S
Sidestep Left: A
Sidestep Right: D
Jump: Space
Use / Action: E
Toggle Crouch: C
Chasecam: F10
Add a Bot: F11
Spy mode (Zandronum only): F12
My crosshair options:
go on the console by pressing ` (before 1, under ESC) and type in:
crosshair 2 (Changes crosshair to the one I prefer)
crosshairhealth 1 (Changes crosshair to match health, 100 hp = green 50hp = yellow, around 10 = red)
crosshairgrow 1 (Crosshair flashes whenever anything is picked up)
crosshairscale 0 (makes crosshair the right size)
Mouse Options:
Enable Mouse: On
Prescale Mouse: On
Smooth Mouse: On
Always Mouselook: On
Player Setup:
Name: (Your Preference)
Skin: (Your Preference)
Gender: (Your Preference)
Colour: Any, you get presets on GZDoom and ZDoom.
Always Run: I prefer Off
Sound Options:
Underwater Reverb: On
Underwater Cutoff: Five "clicks" to the left.
Output System: Waveout
Output Format 32-Bit Float
Speaker Mode: Stereo
Resampler: Linear
HRTF Filter: On
Display Options:
Rocket Trails: Sprites & Particles
Cap framerate: No
Grenade Trails: On
Use Fuzz: Yes
Blood Type: Sprites & Particles
Bullet Puff Type: Sprites
Display > OpenGL > Dynamic Lights:
All yes, except force additive lighting.
Light Intensity: All the way to the right.
Light size: Half way/
Display > OpenGL > Texture:
Filter: Linear
Texture Format: RGBA8
Enable HiRes: Yes
All High Quality settings: off
Display > OpenGL > Shaders:
All off
Display > OpenGL > Preferences:
Sector Light: Doom
Fog Mode: Standard
Fake Contrast: On (Makes certain walls darker to emulate realistic lighting.)
Env Map on Mirror: Off
Enhanced Night Vision: On (Makes Light Amp goggles view green instead of lighting up the area.)
Adjust Sprite Clipping: Never
Smooth Sprite Edges: Off
Sprite Billboard: X/Y Axis
That's it! You've set up your game. Now quit the game so that the game saves your settings.

Loading mods:
To load the .wad / .pk3 you've downloaded, put it in the same folder as GZDoom / ZDoom / Zandronum, and drag and drop it over the executable.
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How to play Doom 1 or Doom 2 with / without mods for free (Legitimately)
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