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UPDATE - I am working on a new Doom Mod, Based on StarFox Assault, for more info, click here
I also make minecraft skins now and then... Wink

NOTE: Zombie Invasion has been cancelled - Reason: Game Maker 8 pro is glitching up, thus, making it impossible to even test it, or make a stand-alone executable of the game! D:


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 Future Mods that I'm thinking of...

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What would you like to see most out of these mods (see below for info on each mod)
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StarFox Duels
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StarFox Apocalypse
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StarFox + Star Wars
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Get back to work with your SF: Assault mod!
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PostSubject: Future Mods that I'm thinking of...   Fri Jul 12, 2013 7:17 pm

These are the following Doom mods which I am planning to make sometime in the future...

5T4RF0X.EXE (Already started work on but temporarily halted):
A mod based on a really clich├ęd creepypasta of mine; Fox goes on a killing spree around the Lylat System since all his friends were K.I.A. which drove him into going insane.

I haven't worked on this ages, it's on Best-Ever servers, so if you want to play it, feel free... but bare in mind; some things are a bit broken, and that the campaign story only has 1 full level, and 1 half-done level.

[b style="font-weight: bold;"]Downloads:[/b]
I have uploaded an old version of the mod on Best-Ever-Servers...

The "Quick game" is done pretty much. I really think it isn't that scary now that I look back at it... but it does have unique things that not every doom mod has... such as when Fox kills you, it actually plays an animation where he rips you to shreds!

Let's just hope sometime I find sometime to get back to this, since there ain't much starfox-based creepypastas out there... and possibly redo the sprites so it's more scary!

(Where normally he would just stand there...)

(I do have a copy of it somewhere, but can't remember where it was...)

StarFox Duels:
After making my StarFox Assault mod, I might make a modified version which is exclusively for Deathmatch.

(I was originally planning on making my Assault mod like this, but I thought it wouldn't be as "Playable", and throughout development I had the idea to make my Assault mod have some new weapons and a new story, and so on...)

The mod will have a few new classes:

  • Fox
  • Krystal
  • Falco
  • Wolf
  • Slippy
  • Peppy
  • (And maybe some based on the villains of my own SF Story *see my StarFox assault mod for more info on it's W.I.P. Storyline.*)

It will have the weapons that my StarFox Assault mod has...
A variety of maps, based on StarFox Assault's (Simple Map 1, 2, etc), plus some ones of classic FPS's such as GoldenEye and Perfect Dark!

(I personally think StarFox and Perfect Dark do mix at a certain extent, especially the music - Play the Air Base theme while playing SF Assault on the Fortuna level, man it fits... RANDOM FACT: Did you know that the voice actor for Jonathan on PD - Steve Malpass does Fox's voice on Adventures? I thought his voice seemed familiar when I first played Adventures!)

StarFox Apocalypse:
What if Fox and his team failed to stop The Eisenfaust? Well in this mod, you will find out what would've happened...

It will also add a "Zombie" mode, which will use Skulltag / Zandronum's "Invasion" gamemode, (it will also be my first Invasion map! Smile) where you will have to survive a certain amount of waves to progress further into the story... you will be fighting zombified versions of Cornerians and on every last wave, you'll also fight one of the (zombified) members of the StarFox team, in order of their agility in combat.

StarFox + Star Wars:
I got back into Star Wars again recently and I started thinking about what If the Phantom Menace was crossed over with StarFox? This mod will be based on my ideas of what it would probably be like...
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Future Mods that I'm thinking of...
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