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Welcome to my forum, Here you can get the latest news about what I have been doing and what I am working on. You can even download and play my games when I release them as well! But If you register or Log In, you can talk to me, my fans / members, download minecraft stuff, etc...
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UPDATE - I am working on a new Doom Mod, Based on StarFox Assault, for more info, click here
I also make minecraft skins now and then... Wink

NOTE: Zombie Invasion has been cancelled - Reason: Game Maker 8 pro is glitching up, thus, making it impossible to even test it, or make a stand-alone executable of the game! D:


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 Rules (Please read)

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PostSubject: Rules (Please read)   Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:39 pm

NOTICE: There are currently no members of the engineering group or the security group, so in the mean time, report any of these offenses to me.

Minor Offenses (These offenses should be reported to a member of the Engineering team.)

  • Do not post spam (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages) around the forum!
  • Do not advertise, please.
  • Please do not date, we don't want to have a topic about a mod for doom (or something) then all of a sudden there's a reply going "I love you, how about we go out for a day or two" or whatever... there are exceptions such as "I love you, your mod just made my day." since it is not really dating.
  • Do not give other members your passwords, please keep them confidential.
  • Do not impersonate a member of the captain group or engineering - Only official members of the two groups will have the name of their rank underneath their name.

Major Offenses (The more serious ones, these should be reported to a member of the security group.)

  • Do not hack other members' accounts.
  • Please do not be racist, unless you tell a member of Security what you were called (which was racist), or if you are referencing a rule breaker.
  • Do not insult a superior member of the Captain group or Engineering!
  • Do not be a pirate. (Posting links to full versions of games, I don't want to end up like how MegaUpload did, thank you...)

Persistent rule breaking will cause your membership to be put in the "Outlaws" group, and therefore have your name highlighted in red across the forum.

Eventually if you keep on breaking the rules from there on, your membership will be terminated.
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Rules (Please read)
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