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UPDATE - I am working on a new Doom Mod, Based on StarFox Assault, for more info, click here
I also make minecraft skins now and then... Wink

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 Outbreak [Coming Soon]

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PostSubject: Outbreak [Coming Soon]   Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:05 pm

Outbreak will be a mod based on Resident Evil: Outbreak, You will start the level with your teammates and you must use pure teamwork to get through each scenario.

This mod will be featuring:

  • New Music / Ambience
  • New Sounds
  • New Classes (Survivor, and Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service member)
  • New Enemies
  • New Maps
  • New Ammo
  • New Weapons
  • New Items
In this mod, classes are mainly just going to affect what weapons and items you start with, how fast you run, how high you jump, and majorly, your character's appearance.

Classes which will be available in the game:

Red - Not implemented yet...
Yellow - Implemented, but not fully finished, buggy or missing sounds...
Green - Fully Implemented


Run Speed: Fast
Jump Height: Quite High
Starting Weapons: Unarmed, Lighter
Health: 100

U.B.C.S. Member:

Run Speed: Fast
Jump Height: Quite High
Starting Weapons: Unarmed
Health: 125

Weapons which will be available in the game:

Red - Not implemented yet...
Yellow - Implemented, but not fully finished, buggy or missing sounds...
Green - Implemented, and fully functioning.

  • Lighter - Not really a weapon, but can be used to light dark areas. (Survivor class starts with one of these.)
  • Unarmed - You can use your hand-to-hand combat skills to attack enemies. (All classes have this)
  • Knife - If you come across these, you should use them instead of using your fists, this is a good weapon for if you're low or out of ammo. (U.B.C.S. Members have these)
  • Handgun - A standard .45ACP Handgun, can do a decent amount of damage for a backup weapon.
  • Handgun GL - A fully automatic handgun, does little damage, but adds up over time. This weapon is good for quick take downs at close range, but has a huge amount of recoil making it not as effective at long ranges.
  • Magnum Handgun - A VERY Powerful handgun, it will do a slightly less amount of damage as the shotgun, good for doing a lot of damage at medium ranges.
  • Shotgun - A pump-action shotgun, very effective at close range, does high damage, but loses a lot of accuracy at long ranges. Secondary mode does a double blast shot, which is effective for taking out two enemies which are either side of the room you're in, it can also be used to do more damage quickly.
  • Shotgun E - A double-barrel shotgun, Slightly more accurate at longer ranges and does a lot more damage than the Normal Shotgun. However, this shotgun only has a primary fire.
  • Sub Machine Gun - Standard issue machine gun which most special forces use, very useful for quick elimination of weak enemies, can shoot much faster than the Handgun GL, and does slightly more damage as well. (U.B.C.S. Member classes start with this!)
  • Assault Rifle - A good replacement over the standard Sub Machine Gun, does more damage, but doesn't shoot as fast as the SMG, but is also more accurate!
  • Combat Rifle - A high calibre rifle, does quite a lot of damage, but not as much as a shotgun. It can go far as well, but takes time to hit it's target the further away it is, this weapon is good for doing a lot of damage at medium to long ranges, but also close range, if you don't want to overkill with a shotgun (if you have one or want to conserve shotgun ammo).
  • Sniper Rifle - A weapon that should be used instead of the combat rifle if obtained, uses the same calibre as the combat rifle as well. This weapon functions the same as the Combat Rifle, only has a scope and better yet, hits the target quicker!
  • Rocket Launcher - A high damaging weapon, should be used to clear an area full of enemies or to take down a really tough enemy.
  • Grenade - A fragmentation grenade, can be thrown at a distance, holding down fire controls how far the grenade will go.
  • Ampoule Shooter - A VERY helpful weapon; if a team mate is badly wounded a doctor can shoot someone with this and they'll recover some health. However, This weapon is exclusive for doctors, and has only a small amount of shots before it becomes useless, so save them!
Demo: Coming Soon! About 45% done so far! Wink
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Outbreak [Coming Soon]
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