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 Sentient - Explore the Infinite (PS1 Demo *PS1 Magazine Disc 17*)

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PostSubject: Sentient - Explore the Infinite (PS1 Demo *PS1 Magazine Disc 17*)   Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:18 am

Part 1: Getting out the room and starting off...

1. As soon as the game loads go straight to the panel on the left which has smoke coming out of it. Use the Computer override Device and press circle to bring the mouse and put it over the green square and press X and quickly select USE.

2. The door should now be able to open, Press R2 on the door closest to you. Go to the left corridor, then to the door to the right where Jerad Rhodey (Black Engineer guy) is, ask for a mechanical repair kit,

(What Engineer Rhodey looks like)

Part 2: Saving Mason Garrilac.

1. go straight to the room where Garrilac is (Opposite the room you're going to be in and take a turn to the right), To skip the text (Highly recommended as it saves ALOT of time) Press Square repeatedly.

(You should be in a room like this, This is Dr. Luvey, by the way)

2. Then go back to the corridor where you came from where you had to turn right to talk to  Rhodey, give the engineer next to the locked door the mechanical kit, keep pressing square so that you save precious time as his talking takes a while...

3. As soon as the door opens, ask the same engineer for the kit back, then tell Downle (Girl in green) to use the first aid on Garrilac (You must go to Gaarilac or else you won't be able to tell her to use the first aid kit), then give the mechanical kit to Rhodey, before he starts complaining, while Downle is talking  DEFINITELY press square; she takes forever when she rambles about her name.. Now you're done with saving Garrilac. If you were too slow, she'll go "Are you Sick?! He's already dead anyway!" then Dr. Luvey will tell you that Garrilac died.

(What Downle Looks like)

Part 3: Dealing with Security officer Stabelli locking himself in.

1. If Garrilac hasn't talked to you yet, go to the corridor opposite to the one with Garrilac's room (To the left instead of right), you should see Azzira, talk to him and press square again.

(LEFT: Chief Jurell, RIGHT: Dr. Holman Azzira)

2. Go to Jurrell and tell him Stabelli is in the backup drive room (You must talk to Azzira for Stabelli to appear on the list!)

NOTE: You might get interrupted by Garrilac on the way, since he wants you to help him activate the shields, go with him and follow part 4 and come back to part 3 when you're done.

(LEFT: Chief of Engineering - Mason Garrilac)

PART 4: Activating the Shield Generator.

(What the shield generator looks like, only red and has Shield Control on it instead of Medical Node)

1. Garrilac will want you to go to the shield generator room, which is a room or two back from the starting room, when he says "Ready...NOW" Hold X on shield screen and hold right, when the meter is fully against the right side press square!

PART 5: Finishing off...

1. By then if you talked to Jurrell, go to the room where azzira
was outside, the electrical kit should be in there, if you haven't talked to Jurrell yet, (since Garrilac may have wanted you to come with him), do the same thing as Step 7 (btw jurrell's on the door on the corner on the same corridor as the room garrilac was injured in)

2. Now you have to wait a while, THIS is why I told you to press Square when Downle was moaning about garrit miss-pronouncing her name, because Rhodey takes about four minutes to finish fixing the teleporter, if you were too slow throughout the whole demo, you will run out of time and suffocate. (The oxygen runs out five minutes after the solar flare hits.)

3. Give Rhodey the electrical kit, and wait for him to say "Garrit! The West teleport is clear, Spread the Word..."

4. Go through the Teleporter, Congrats, you beat the demo of Sentient!


"Result" Screens in the Demo:

These are screens which you are taken to once the game ends, the one you get depends on what happens, each of them also has a quote. (The full version of the game has some of these, some of them are beautiful and VERY philosophical, while others can be a bit funny.)

I managed to rip these pictures from the demo disc using a program called "PSXMC" or "PSMPLAY" which lets you access textures, data, sounds, FMVs, etc which are on PS1 game discs. It's also why the score is blank, since these are the original images which are in the game's data, bitmaps as well (Probably because of the PS1's limitations).

1. Taking too long over trying to activate the shields, and the solar flare hits the engineering deck (the one you were on):

"A star is a powerful entity,
Some say starts are the tears of the gods.
Some say they are the fury of life itself.
Some say they're just big balls of gas in perpetual nuclear fusion.
Whatever they are, they're definitely dangerous!"
(Dr. Aztiel Numarnan, Physicist)

2. When the deck oxygen runs out or if you wear the useless environment suit (which only lasts like 25 seconds from my memory, then makes Garrit go "Ack! No air!", and kills you)

(This is THE MOST COMMON ONE! I kept getting this one the most, it's so annoying...)

"Life slips away,
darkness envelopes us like an old friend.
There is warmth, comfort and joy....
But when it boils down to it,
you're dead.
No air-no breath, budro!"
(Oxygen anonymous meeting, 12-7-32)

The scary thing is, when I had an operation on my feet and I went to sleep a few seconds after the anesthetic injection, i actually did feel warmth, comfort, and a bit of joy...

3. Attempting to activate the shields by using the shield node WITHOUT Mason Garrilac:

"Notes on the correct use of station power nodes.

2-5.1 If you do not know what you are doing,
or you are unclear about the orders of a superior,
Fiddling about will only lead to tears.

(Engineering Ensigns handbook)"

4. (Unknown 1) - I swear I saw this one trigger before...

"When the rescue crews arrived
they found them huddled unconsciou
under one of the makeshift venting pipes.
They're lucky to be alive."

(Medtec Kee, reporting to Dr. Camik Seral)

5. (The Best One, MAJOR SPOILER!) Proper ending when following my guide correctly (also my favourite since it's funny):

Heroic efforts deserve heroic rewards.
Unfortunately this is just a demo,
so this is your lot.
But the game and get fully rendered,
dolby surround sound moves.

Dancing girls! World fame! Medals!
(Okay... but the movies are real..)
( A.Nonnymouse, scriptwriter)

*I remember getting that when I beat the demo, I was like "YES!", but when I read it, I PMSL at the end of the text...*

6. (Unknown 2)
- I swear I remember seeing this one at some point...

"What can I say???
Sorry, try again...
And stay out of that room when the flare hits!"

(A.N.Other-Nonnymouse, Scriptwriter)

7. Trying to use the Teleport while it's still broken..

The lesson to be learned here is this...
Broken teleport systems are dangerous,
don't mess about with them!"

And that's all of them!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough (and I hope it helped) It was fun for me to play this demo ever since I first played it (when I was like 6, it used to give me strange nightmares!)

- TailsRoberto, out!
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Sentient - Explore the Infinite (PS1 Demo *PS1 Magazine Disc 17*)
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